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Our Story

The founders of True Terral are two young, dedicated athletes, who discovered firsthand the advantages of plant-based diet.

“We have a pretty active life. We run, we love outdoor activities, hit the gym at least 2 times a week, and go hiking with friends during the weekend. We are always in constant movement, challenging our bodies and minds. We love our fast paced lifestyle, our training and we are always looking for a new adventure to try. This is how we discovered that plant-based food, like plant proteins powders, chia seeds, açai berry, greens and more, were helping us to recover way faster than any other daily supplement we had tried by that time. We first started creating our own protein-based smoothies with yellow peas, soy beans, almond milk, chia seeds, and a bunch of frozen berries. The results were amazing, we felt stronger and more energetic. The best of all was that we didn’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to feel like this. People around us began to notice the difference. Our little secret was that we were simply getting clean, natural energy directly from the plants. We have always liked creating new flavors, and our friends and co-workers loved our inventive recipes. Eventually we started to think on educating our community about plant-based nutrition and its benefits. As a consequence, we decided to combine our active lifestyle with our delicious, plant-based recipes and True Terral was born.” Johnny & Mary